Groupe d ’études géopolitiques


produces fundamental research grounded in the notion of scale as a geopolitical concept. The GEG constantly seeks to adapt its intellectual perspective to the European context and its specificities. Its goal is to be an active participant in the construction of a geopolitical Europe. Its publications, events and data analyses are aimed at the scientific community, decision-makers and citizens.

The Groupe d'études géopolitiques is an independent research centre and publisher based at the École normale supérieure in France. It was founded in 2017 and officially recognized as a public interest organisation by the French Ministry of Public Accounts in 2019.

It is based in Paris and Brussels.


Groupe d’études géopolitiques publishes:

Le Grand Continent , a journal that has become a European reference in political, intellectual and strategy spheres.

Working and policy papers, field-specific studies, books and the Revue européenne du droit.

The Covid-19 Observatory , an essential forum for scientific and political analysis on the Covid-19 crisis.

GEG Weekly seminar , in partnership with the College of Europe in Bruges, The European Institute at Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris’ CEVIPOF.

04Scientific Impact

Our reports, papers and books have been discussed in more than 230 conferences and seminars hosted by over 50 high-level research institutions in 30 cities and 20 different countries.

05Political Impact

Our studies have been presented in a number of national, european and international institutions (French presidency, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Assembly, European Parliament, European Commission, Paris Peace Forum).

06Media Reach

Our publications have attracted more than 3.5M views and have been quoted by major global press titles (Le Monde, Corriere della Sera, El Watan, Financial Times, Asahi Shimbun) and broadcast media (France Inter, RAI, Al Jazeera)


[email protected]

École normale supérieure,
45 Rue d’Ulm,
75005 — Paris

Bureau de Bruxelles
Rue de Lausanne 33,

The Groupe d'études géopolitiques is a public interest association. Donations we receive benefit from tax breaks provided by the French statute on donations. In accordance with articles 200 and 238 bis of the French General Tax Code (CGI), all donations are tax-exempt up to 66%.
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