La Géopolitique, Réseau, Énergie, Environnement, Nature

Issue #1

For an Ecological Realpolitik

Writer : Pierre Charbonnier

Upcoming events

On September 30th, the GEG Weekly Seminar will discuss the European Green Deal and its implications for the world.

On October 7th, the GEG Weekly Seminar will discuss the German Federal election results and their implications for the future of European politics. The discussion will be based on an analysis published in BLUE (Electoral Bulletins of the European Union)

The mastery of space-making by mankind has a long history, if we think of Marc Bloch evoking the 11th century peasants clearing the woods to plough the soils from the Beauce to the Champagne. But it is during the 20th century that the organisation of the territory became a model of spatial planning informed by the policies of the Welfare States. We can mention the American Greenbelt Town, the British Town and country planning and the French Aménagement du territoire. 20th century urban planning has initiated a voluntary remodelling of landscapes that focused on the architecture of dwellings, the access to infrastructures and the preservation of natural resources. The international colloquium entitled Planning as a welfare project invokes architectural and planning history, photographic history and socio-cultural history in order to shed a new light on the models and the representations of welfare planning between France, North-Western Europe and Northern America.