Fanny Lacroix is mayor of Châtel-en-Triève, in Isère, since March 2020, but also vice-president of the rural mayors of France. Initially responsible for the environment and citizenship department of the city of Saint-Martin-d'Hères, she then became secretary of the town hall in Châtel-en-Trièves. It is in this small village in the South of Isère that she was able to participate in the implementation of a rural revitalization policy based on the mobilization of citizens. She is also the founder and president of the association "Tous et Maintenant, Réinvestir la vie publique" (All and Now, Reinvesting in Public Life) which works to make politics everyone's business. Fanny Lacroix is also vice-president of the community of communes of Trièves in charge of tourism. She is very involved in the office of the Association of Rural Mayors of Isère. In July 2022, she joined the executive board of the Mouvement Démocrate.