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de 9h30 à 11h00

Paris - Colloque

Launch meeting of the book “In the climate emergency, think the energy transition”

Launch meeting of the collective work "Dans l'urgence climatique, penser la transition énergétique" published by the Groupe d'études géopolitiques

Partners: Maison de l'Europe de Paris, Europe Direct Paris
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The climate crisis is at the center of our planet's current events. It is the basis for new policies that must be implemented urgently and constitutes a dizzying challenge for future generations. Often perceived as too technical or complex, the energy transition is nevertheless at the heart of the solutions and requires data, analyses and supported interpretations.

This collective work aims to "put all the cards on the table" by crossing the insights provided by economics, history, international relations and political science. In twelve chapters, French and European academics from different generations and disciplines offer a synthesis of current thinking on the energy transition in France and around the world.


A work by the Groupe d’études géopolitiques, directed by Michel DERDEVET, coordinated by Clémence PELEGRIN, with the participation of Christophe BONNERY, Dirk BUSCHLE, Joseph CACCIARI, Pierre CHARBONNIER, Anna CRETI, Charlotte GARDES, Patrice GEOFFRON, Sophie HOU, Carlo INVERNIZZI ACCETTI, Jan Horst KEPPLER, Annabelle LIVET, Nicolas MAZZUCCHI, Angélique PALLE, Jacques PERCEBOIS, Christian de PERTHUIS, Boris SOLIER, Aurianne STROUDE, Simone TAGLIAPIETRA and Jean-Baptiste VAUJOUR.

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