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Regional election in Navarra, 28 May 2023
Issue #4


Issue #4


Jean Cotte

Issue 4, January 2024

Elections in Europe: 2023

On May 28, 2023, elections were held to renew the 50 seats in the regional parliament of the Chartered Community of Navarre.

In 2019, the center-left coalition led by the PSOE (S&D) had won the presidency of the region, forming a minority cabinet. The PSOE’s victory came at the end of a parliamentary term dominated by a left-wing pro-independence coalition, and the new center-left executive still relied on the parliamentary support of various nationalist and regionalist parties, as well as the abstention of 5 of the 7 deputies of the Navarran nationalist party EH-Bildu (GUE/NGL). However, from March 2023 onwards, the PSOE list led by President Maria Chivite ranked second in the polls behind the right-wing pro-independence UPN (EPP), with neither party being able to claim a majority on its own.

Despite competition between multiple right-wing lists (unlike in 2019, when UPN, PPE and Ciudadanos had formed a joint list in 2019), the center-right and far-right bloc managed to keep its 20 deputies. Vox’s gain of two deputies (CRE; 4.3%, +3 pp) offsets the disappearance of Ciudadanos (RE; 0.3%). The UPN (28%, 15 seats) came out on top, well ahead of the PP (7.3%, 3 seats). However, with only 20 seats, the right-wing bloc cannot hope to govern the region, which it lost in 2015.

There was little change in the results of the left-wing coalition: both the PSOE (20.7%, +0.1 pp) and Podemos – Contigo Navarra (GUE/NGL; 6.1%, -1.5 pp) retained their respective 11 and 3 seats. Only the regionalist party Geroa Bai (13.2%, -4.1 pp, 7 seats) suffered from its participation in the government, losing 2 seats to EH-Bildu (17.1%, +2.6 pp, 9 seats). EH-Bildu finally decided to abstain from the investiture vote, and the PSOE-Geroa Bai-Podemos-Contigo Navarra coalition again formed a minority government on August 15, 2023 with 21 votes in favor, 20 against, and 9 abstaining.

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Jean Cotte, Regional election in Navarra, 28 May 2023, Nov 2023,

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