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de 11.00 à 12.30 (Paris)


European unity in the face of the Russian threat

Session of the seminar series on Europe organized by the Groupe d'études géopolitiques and the Centre d'analyses et de Prévision Stratégique (CAPS) of the French Ministry of Foreign...

Partners: Centre d'analyse et de prévision stratégique
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While during the first weeks of the war in Ukraine, the Member States showed convergence, determination and speed in adopting restrictive measures against Russia, there are now objective differences that almost structure a new East-West divide. These differences concern the positions taken by Western leaders, particularly with regard to the finality of the war in Ukraine, the perception of relations with Russia, but also the European trajectory of Ukraine, Moldavia and Georgia.

On what precise points is this cleavage based and what ground for compromise? With the prolongation of the war in Ukraine, is the emergence of a form of fatigue with regard to the Russian invasion likely to increase the differences between the two blocs? What about the Hungarian position? To what extent could a credible European ambition in the field of defense contribute to a gain in confidence between East and West?

This session of the Groupe d'études géopolitiques' closed seminar series, exclusively for CAPS, will focus on the strategic divergences between Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe. The exchanges will take place around two publications of the Geopolitical Studies Group and the Grand Continent, offering an intellectual contribution but also a more technical and policy-oriented perspective with two guests:

  • Joseph de Weck is the author of Emmanuel Macron: Der revolutionäre Präsident, an analysis of Emmanuel Macron's five-year term, published by Weltkiosk in June 2021, Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.
  • Rasa Juknevičienė, former Lithuanian defense minister, MEP (EPP).