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de 11.00 à 12.30

Paris - Privé

Europe and its demography: challenges and opportunities

Session of the seminar series organized by the Groupe d'études géopolitiques and the Centre d'analyse et de prévision stratégique of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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In order to deal with the ageing of European society, the demographic issue is often approached from the perspective of the necessary adjustment of national public policies. However, the demographic situation is often very heterogeneous between the regions of the same country and the demographic challenge at the relevant level is above all both regional and European. Demographic change is also strongly correlated with Europe's position in the world. As Europe's share of the world's population and global GDP shrinks, it is important to address demographic issues from a holistic and strategic perspective.

This session of the Geopolitical Studies Group's closed seminar series exclusively for CAPS will focus on demographic developments within the European continent and their impact on the political and geopolitical dynamics between Europe and the rest of the world, especially its Mediterranean and Eastern neighborhood. The exchanges will take place around two publications of the Geopolitical Studies Group and the Grand Continent, proposing an intellectual contribution but also a more technical and policy-oriented perspective with two guests:

  • Wolfgang LUTZ, Director of the Institute of European Demography in Vienna
  • Paweł ŚLIWOWSKI, director of strategy at the Polish Economic Institute, specialist in demographic issues.