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de 15.00 à 16.30

Paris - Privé

The impact of the Italian elections

Séance du séminaire organisé par le Groupe d'études géopolitiques et le Centre d'Analyse et de prévision stratégique du Ministère de l'Europe et des affaires étrangères.

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This session of the Geopolitical Studies Group's closed seminar series exclusively for CAPS will aim to analyze the Italian legislative elections of September 25 and their European significance.

On September 25, 2022, the coalition of Italian right-wing parties clearly won the elections, with 44% of the vote, followed by Fratelli d'Italia (26%), the Lega (9%) and Forza Italia (8%), giving them a majority in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

How can we interpret the progress and failures of the various parties in these elections? How can we qualify and describe the political movement led by Giorgia Meloni? What could be the consequences of her election on the European political balance? What will be the position of Giorgia Meloni's government on international issues, and in particular on the war in Ukraine? Will the "techno-sovereignism" that, according to Gilles Gressani, explains the success of Giorgia Meloni's political formula, spread to the continental scale?

Based on the publications of the Grand Continent on the subject, we will try to analyze the causes of Giorgia Meloni's victory, but also and above all to identify the consequences that this new government could have on the construction of Europe, on the transatlantic relationship, and on the Franco-Italian relationship.


  • Lorenzo Castellani, Research Fellow at Luiss Guido Carli, Rome, focusing on the History of Political Institution.
  • Gilles GRESSANI, Director of the Grand Continent.