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de 11.00 à 12.30

Paris - Privé

Towards a Europe of 36?

Séance du séminaire organisé par le Groupe d'études géopolitiques avec le Centre d'Analyse et de Prévision Stratégique du Ministère de l'Europe et des affaires étrangères.

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The war waged by Russia on Ukraine has accelerated the process of accession to the Union of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia and has raised the question of the accession of the Balkans. In order to meet the twofold imperative of satisfying the European aspirations of these three countries and not hastening a complex process that could destabilize the Union, Enrico Letta (on the Grand Continent) then Emmanuel Macron (during his speech on May 9 in the European Parliament) successively proposed the creation of a "European political community" - a similar idea had already been formulated by François Mitterrand with the European Confederation in 1989 - which would have as its main objective to avoid the emergence of a geopolitical vacuum, caused by an excessively long and difficult accession process.

The emergence of the subject coincides with another debate, just as central, for the European institutional architecture, on the revision of the treaties. How can the Union's action be made more effective? Does the current institutional framework allow us to cope with the geopolitical developments we are facing? What could be the contours of a European political community? How to align the strategic objectives of the actors with different immediate priorities? What role for the United Kingdom?

This session of the Geopolitical Studies Group's closed seminar series, exclusively for CAPS, will focus on the internal institutional transformations of the European continent and their impact on the political and geopolitical dynamics between Europe and the rest of the world, especially its Mediterranean and Eastern neighborhood. The exchanges will take place around the publications of the Geopolitical Studies Group and the Grand Continent, offering an intellectual contribution but also a more technical and policy-oriented perspective with two guests:

  • Michele Bellini, Director of Enrico Letta's cabinet.
  • Iulian Groza, Executive Director Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE)