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de 18h00 à 19h15

Bruxelles - Colloque

Towards a unified European migration policy?

This conference is part of an event organised by the Nuits Sonores & European Lab Brussels on the issue of ‘the narration of migrations’: how to produce inspiring,...

Partners: Arty Farty
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Since the Treaty of Amsterdam, the European Union has been committed to developing amigration policy. In recent years, the interdependence created by the single market andfreedom of movement, combined with a series of unprecedented migration crises, most notably in 2015 with the influx of Syrian refugees, has made it necessary for the EU to become involved in this policy area.

The reception of Afghan refugees fleeing their country is reviving this highly sensitive topicin the EU, which still cannot reach a consensus to reform its asylum system. What are thetrade-offs that EU policymakers face when dealing with this migration issue? What solidarity can the EU implement in the management of humanitarian crises? The objective of this roundtable is to understand the issues, blockages and proposals around a unified European migration policy.

A panel presented in collaboration with European Lab Brussels (FR).

Marie Walter-Franke (Jacques Delors Centre I DE)

Sara Prestianni (MigrEurope I IT)

Sulaiman Addonia (author I ER)

Moderation : Elena Maximin (Le Grand Continent I FR).

with an introduction from Caterina Di Fazio (EU-MED project coordinator I IT)