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While the last European Elections did not see a marked increase in support for so-called “populist” parties, populism as a political direction remains remarkably influential in Europe while it has also gained traction around the world. Jair Bolsonaro, Beppe Grillo, Donald Trump, Pablo Iglesias, Victor Orban, and many more have been called “populists” even though their political ideologies are often very different from each other. On 16 October, we’ll take a look at what populism in Europe looks like and discuss the future of political norms, the Overton Window, and rhetoric.

What consequences might populist rhetoric have on the political culture of a society? What might have caused the recent global surge in populist styles in politics? Might populism be a “return to normalcy” or is it a historical outlier?

Come debate with us this Wednesday at 8 pm in Hamilton 607 to find answers to these questions and more!

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European Wednesdays
Third Series | Third Session

European Wednesdays are student-led weekly debates. No previous debate experience or political background is necessary. We encourage walk-ins, and we value the diversity of perspectives.

Co-organized by Columbia European Society and GEG Columbia (a chapter of Groupe d'Études Géopolitiques).