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Whether it’s the appointment of the European Central Bank’s first female leader to its mandated 14 week maternity leave policy, Europe has often been hailed as a panacea for gender parity. But while far-right and neo-nationalist movements are often deemed incompatible with gender equality, they have managed to gain traction with women — both within their constituency and at the highest ranks of leadership. Given Europe’s disparate application of abortion law and gender quotas in parliamentary, how can we best interrogate the state of women’s rights and representation today? Come join us on Wednesday October 30th to debate:

1. How has both feminist and anti-feminist rhetoric been coopted to consolidate far-right ideology in Europe?

2. Can gender quotas in parliament be used as legitimate equalizing factors? Or are they “forced parity”?

3. What role does the EU have in issuing implementation directives for pacts like the Istanbul Convention in combatting violence against women?

* * *

European Wednesdays are student-led weekly debates. No previous debate experience or political background is necessary. We encourage walk-ins, and we value the diversity of perspectives.