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Voting procedures have become a recurring issue under focus since the European Parliamentary elections. With each member state having its own voting procedure, and with 17 million 'mobile' EU citizens, living in another member state of the Union, many have found themselves confronted with confusing registration rules and ultimately unable to get their voices heard.

Europeans have the opportunity to study, work, and live in another EU country. But has the European Union been able to adapt to the reality of the freedom of movement of people it promoted? Is a pan-European movement to secure political representation and promote voter turnout a viable solution to many of the social fractures dividing the European Union today? What is the future state of cultural and education programs in Europe?

Come debate with us this Wednesday at 8 pm in Hamilton 607 to find answers to these questions and more!

Some good reads to prepare for the discussion:

"There are 17 million mobile EU citizens. We deserve a political voice" by A. Alemanno - The Guardian, May 2019.

LGC | Available in French on Le Grand Continent: "17 Millions"

"The 'Lost Generation' Returns Home" - Spiegel, September 2019. https://www.spiegel.de/international/globalsocieties/young-spaniards-and-portuguese-return-home-a-1288375.html

"How a no-deal Brexit would affect Erasmus, study abroad and EU students in the UK" - The Telegraph, August 2019.

European Wednesdays are student-led weekly debates. No previous debate experience or political background is necessary. We encourage walk-ins, and we value the diversity of perspectives.

European Wednesdays are co-organized by Columbia European Society and GEG Columbia (a chapter of Groupe d'Études Géopolitiques).