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The GEG Oxford is honoured to host Paul Embery as first Guest Speaker for Trinity term. Paul has been a firefighter in the London Fire Brigade for 20 years and serves on the Executive Council of the Fire Brigades Union.

He is also the national organiser of Trade Unionists Against the EU and was prominent in the Leave campaign during the EU referendum. No need to say that he's accustomed to the subtle art of negotiations and is highly critical of May's deal and the whole process realised in Brussels in general. Member of the Labour Party since 1994, he is active within the Blue Labour tendency. He has especially written about the growing disconnect between the working-class and the Left. Recently, he's joined UnHerd as a regular author. During one hour, we will engage with Paul Embery on the question of a Left case for Brexit and on the state of the Left(s) in the UK and Europe.

Come debate with us in St John's College (Larkin Room in Tom White Quad) on Wednesday 1st May, from 7 to 8 pm.?? FREE refreshments will be provided.

The one-hour session will be followed by an informal discussion in the college's bar, next door.

No debate experience or political background is necessary, we encourage walk-ins and we value diversity of perspectives and opinions.